Understanding the importance of curiosity, and exploring strategies to help build this underrated muscle.

Wonder and curiosity are what drives our growth. As children, we would learn by asking questions and seeking new experiences; never limited by the thought of what’s impossible. However, with more knowledge and experiences that we collect with age, our fire for curiosity extinguishes.

There are several reasons for this shift from childhood to adulthood; some of it is biological, but there are other factors that contribute too. Some people don’t recognize their growing lack of curiosity, others don’t understand the value of curiosity, and many simply do not want to leave their realm of comfort to explore their curiosity.

Addressing a question that has blown up across social media.

I want to settle a discussion that I have been seeing everywhere across social media and social circles alike. This question, as indicated in the title, asks why we can’t just print more money and give it to people in need. In this article, I seek to answer this question, rebut common responses to this question, and in the process explain what money truly represents.

I do not intend to delve into complex economic topics — this would just confuse the situation. …

Exploration into how transportation’s digital innovations are tied to the past, and what is in store for a revolutionized future.

There are many parallels between the industrial revolution and our modern digital transformation. Both have enabled the accelerated and unprecedented progress of society, while enhancing the utility of our scarce resources. However, in the digital revolution we are currently experiencing, the potential of our incredible new innovations has been dramatically limited.

Consider the transition from horses to cars during the industrial revolution: Rather than building a faster horse, which would have been the conventional thought process in creating better transportation back in the day, Henry Ford, the creator of the first automotive assembly line, leveraged new technologies to redefine how…

Retrospection of how social media has degraded our consumption of content and information.

After a blowout loss during Monday Night Football against the Arizona Cardinals, the Dallas Cowboys’ record fell to 2–4. Despite their losing record, they managed to stay at the top of the NFC East , one of the historically worst divisions in NFL history. As a result, the division has now become one of the greatest laughing stocks of the NFL.

Scrolling though Instagram after the game, I came across the post that is featured above. With the caption asking who is going to win the division, I laughed to myself thinking how crazy it is to even consider one…

Revolutionizing how we travel, allowing the liberation roads and an overhaul of city life.

Many cities around the world are facing a massive transportation problem: infrastructure is outdated, traffic keeps getting worse, and the potential to improve is bleak.

Cities are stuck in the past and are too resistant to change. For decades we have relied on ancient road systems for the majority of transportation needs, but now that cities are established, there is limited space to expand. For new roads to be constructed, buildings would have to be purchased and ripped down, while also forcing traffic delays that hurt the already fragile system.

Ultimately, cities can not afford for roads to be the…

Exploring the unprecedented potential of enabling horizontal mobility in the next generation of elevators.

Waiting for the elevator can be one of the most frustrating parts of the day, yet we have just accepted that long wait times are inevitable. So far, the only solution has been to construct more shafts at the cost of potential floor space. We need to stop treating the symptoms and truly target the root cause.

Elevators are inefficient because there can only be one car per shaft, meaning each car must be responsible for covering dozens of stories. They can't keep up with passenger demand, consequently resulting in lengthy wait times.

With the traditional cable system, elevators are…

Taking a glimpse into groundbreaking innovations that will reshape the future of the transportation industry.

Our current transportation systems are failing us. In a world that is rapidly evolving, seemly unrecognizable from any generation prior, our transportation networks have remained stagnant. With the fast pace, ever changing demands of our modern society, the status quo from decades past is no longer sufficient.

We need to break the mould of traditional transportation and reshape what it means to travel. The digital age has presented itself with an array of incredible tools and innovations, that when implemented, will ignite change and lead to revolutionary results.

Today, I present a list of six of these innovative and futuristic…

Let’s revolutionize how we build condos and grow our housing supply by transitioning to the modular construction process.

Growing cities are facing a massive housing problem. As populations grow faster than the availability of new housing units, shortages and skyrocketing prices are the reality. For many entering the market, prices are not attainable and housing options are slim.

This problem will continue to compound unless more housing can be built to meet demand. In order to moderate prices, new units have to be constructed rapidly, and supply must be sustainably maintained into the future.

Building new housing units is no easy feat, especially in cities with developed building infrastructure. On top of regulations, barriers, and restrictions imposed by…

Leveraging superinsulation to change the world and push the frontiers of humanity

These past few years have been exciting times for the space industry. As rocket launch prices continue to decrease, the potential for space commercialization, solar system exploration, and interplanetary travel have never been greater.

One of the most exciting projects has been SpaceX’s mission to travel to Mars. With new technologies, they will have the ability launch missions within the next decade, and for the first time, humans will travel to a different planet.

But then what? Once we can get there what’s the next step?

To truly become an interplanetary species, we have to be able to live on…

The revolutionary technology that will redefine transportation.

Remember those busy high school hallways when everyone was in transit between classes? Ever wondered why they were so painfully congested? The problem was that everyone used the same hallway, but had a different purpose and use for the space. Some people were busy at their lockers, others navigated to their next class, on occasion, teachers pushed carts down the hall, and many people stood around in groups blocking all the flow.

These inefficiencies are present on our modern roadways.

For example, the commuter driving to work shares the same road with; the mailman who is trying to find a…

Nick Crees

I'm an innovation and business enthusiast who seeks to solve global problems through the application of emerging technologies.

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